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Credits and Links

The image on the title page, and the one on the page titled In Praise of Bach, are by Ben Shahn.  The poem The Stillness of the World Before Bach is by Lars Gustafsson.  I found it, completely by accident, in a book at a church yard-sale.

I owe a lot to the people who have encouraged me over the years.  theBachWorks project and website would not have come into existence without their active support.

When I first returned to audio synthesis in 1990, after a silence of 11 years following the demise of The Boston School of Electronic Music, former students of BSEM, renewing contact via email and other internet paths, rejuvenated me with their memories of life and music and learning at BSEM.  And former staff and faculty: John Duesenberry, Ken Perrin, Mike Gilbert, and others - all of these have played a role, in spirit, in the creation of theBachWorks.

Many readers of alt.music.j-s-bach, in dialogue, have shaped my vision of theBachWorks.  In particular, my earliest listeners have my enduring thanks for their encouraging responses to the early tapes.  Tom Parsons' generous evaluation of the first tape I sent him was enormously energizing; Fred Goldrich, Tom Hubeart, and John Harrington were similarly encouraging, and Dave Grossman's kindness in including some of my midi work on his website gave me a shot in the arm at a time when I badly needed one.

Three among these friends deserve special mention. Bernie Greenberg, whose erudition, musicianship, expository genius, and wit sparkle on every page of his J.S.Bach Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) site.  Dean Lampe, with whom I have exchanged many files and recordings over the past five years, and much discussion of musical values in MIDI files.  Jouke DeRuiter, whose generosity as a host and as musical coworker over the past several years has been so astonishingly helpful and enjoyable.

First - and last - is Rosemarie, my wife, Kate's mother, my companion of 36 years.  She has been a never-failing source of inspiration, of energy, of patience, and of vision.


Other J.S.Bach sites

There is an astonishing amount of material about J.S. Bach on the web.  I am not going to catalog all the available links; the first few listed below are so complete in themselves that they already list every Bach site I know of.  These are the sites that I use:

J. S. Bach Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

J.S.Bach Archive and Bibliography
The J.S. Bach Home Page
Dave's J.S. Bach Page
Bach-Werke-Verzeichnis (BWV)
Teri Noel Towe's Johann Sebastian Bach Pages: Index Page
Classical MIDI Archives


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