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In 1990 I began synthesizing performances of Johann Sebastian Bach’s complete works for keyboard, i.e. organ or harpsichord or clavichord. 

The results - CDs, mp3 files, and midi files - are available here at theBachWorks site.  The mp3s and midi files are free, from the Downloads page; you can buy the CDs at theBachWorks store.

There are many sites devoted to J.S.Bach, and to his music.  You will find links to some of them, and some personal thankyous to people who have helped me over the years, on the Communities page.

A great musician once said "writing about music is like dancing about architecture."  He was right.  But some people - including myself - do it anyway.  You can read what they have written about Bach at the Words page.

The second row of the menu above has details about aspects of the project, its files, CDs, this site, and me.  None of these are really important; you dont' need to read them.  If you want to begin downloading files you can do that immediately by going straight to the Downloads page.

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