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theBachWorks in Midi, MP3s, CDs, and Tapes

New Midi Files  

This work has been available on tape cassette since 1995, and on CD since 1998.  The CDs were originally published from the same masters, and with the same tracklists, as the corresponding cassette volumes.  The current set of CD releases, however, has been revised to take advantage of the extra few minutes recording time on Compact Discs. Also, in a few cases, the CDs use more recent mixes or revisions of the underlying MIDI performance files.  So the CD and cassette volumes are not identical.  I have no plans to upgrade my cassette masters.

The MP3 demo files range from .75 to 6 MB in length.  With a 56Kb modem, they will download in (at best) from mmss 2:15 to 17:30.  I've experimented with smaller, lower-resolution files. They download faster, but they don't sound very good.

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