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All of the tracks on theBachWorks Sampler CD are duplicated somewhere on the four separately-released volumes. If you like what you hear on the Sampler, and order the complete set of four volumes within six months, I will subtract the price of the Sampler from the total, so the complete set will only cost you $50.

Click on the CART+ button for each item you would like to buy. Each time you do this, you will be taken to a PayPal shopping cart to confirm your choice. Use the "continue" button there to return to this page and choose more CDs. When you are finished selecting items, click the big "CART =" button, and then, at the PayPal page, click the checkout button.

theBachWorks Sampler CD
A collection of 26 representative tracks from volumes 1 through 4.
theBachWorks, Volume I
An organ prelude and fugue, several chorale preludes from the Little Organ Book, and the complete two- and three-part inventions.
Released in 1991
theBachWorks, Volume II
The klavier concerto in f minor, organ trio sonatas 1, 2, and 6, and four preludes and fugues from the Well-Tempered Klavier book 1.
Released in 1992
theBachWorks, Volume III
The klavier fantasia in c minor, and a number of preludes and fugues from the Well-Tempered Klavier books 1 and 2.
Released in 1994
theBachWorks, Volume IV
Organ chorale preludes from the Little Organ Book and other sources.
Released in 1995