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theBachWorks: Klavier Übung II

The French Ouverture

midifile BWV ident name number key
  831-1 Ouverture nach französischer Art 1st movement: Ouverture in b
  831-2 Ouverture 2nd movement: Courante. in b
  831-3 Ouverture 3rd movement: Gavotte I. in b
  831-4 Ouverture 4th movement: Gavotte II. in b
  831-5 Ouverture 5th movement: Passepied I. in b
  831-6 Ouverture 6th movement: Passepied II. in b
  831-7 Ouverture 7th movement: Sarabande. in b
  831-8 Ouverture 8th movement: Bourree I. in b
  831-9 Ouverture 9th movement: Bourree II. in b
  831-10 Ouverture 10th movement: Gigue. in b
  831-11 Ouverture 11th movement: Echo. in b

The Italian Concerto

  971-1 Italian Concerto 1st movement in F
  971-2 Italian Concerto 2nd movement in d
  971-3 Italian Concerto 3rd movement in F

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