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New Look

We've redesigned and restructured the site for more uniform appearance throughout.

Easier Download Access

The download pages list all of the works I intend to complete as part of theBachWorks project.  Files available are identified by links in the left-hand column of each page, highlighted in green.

More Free MP3 files

There are some new demos in the mp3 collection.  You'll want to check out the preludio, bwv1006.1, from the E major violin partita.  I did this last year on my new Arturia Moog Modular V software synthesizer.

More Free Midi Files

People have been asking when in the world I'm going to put up more of those 550 files I claim to have created since 1990.  Yeah, it's about time.  Some of the organ works have been up for several years already.  This year, I'm concentrating on keyboard works: books I & II of the Well-Tempered Klavier, and others.

New Store Page

The Store page has been one of the best-kept secrets on the site.  In fact, it wasn't here at all; it was on my other site, at michmer.net.  It's now here where it belongs, so you can buy the CDs without having to google for them.

Creative Commons Licensing

I'm switching to the Creative Commons Licensing mechanism.  You'll find it easier to understand, and I find it more to the point for musical work such as these midi files.

(From 1990 until now, I had used a license adapted from the Free Software Foundation's "General Public License" for distributing theBachWorks midi files.  I called it the BachWorks General Public License, or BWGPL.)


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