The Arp 2600 Owner's Manual

The Owner's Manual for the ARP 2600 synthesizer first appeared in 1971. It remained in print for the life of the company, which went bankrupt in 1981. But the Owner's Manual had a life of its own. Originals can still be found from time to time on eBay; not long ago, one of these sold for $50.  The seller, wasn't me ;^) described it:

"Original ARP 2600 Synthesizer OWNER's MANUAL! (ARP2600 not included)  The vintage ARP 2600 was a revolutionary development in electronic music.  It was the first portable and most famous modular analog synthesizer.

"Designed in the late 1960's and produced until 1980 or so, its incredible versatility made it ideal for learning the ins and outs of sound synthesis!  THIS 100 PAGE SOFT-COVERED MANUAL IS AN ABSOLUTELY TOP-NOTCH RESOURCE FOR ANY SYNTH FANATIC OR ANYONE INTERESTED IN LEARNING ANALOG SOUND SYNTHESIS!  It will teach you about the physics of sound and the electronic components through which sound can be realized: oscillators/VCOs, filters/VCFs, LFOs, envelopes/ADSRs, envelope followers, ring modulators, voltage processors, inverters, lag processors, sample and hold, noise, voltage controlled amplifiers/VCAs, control voltages, gates and more! - there's even a glossary of electronic music terms as well as plenty of diagrams and TIPS TO TEACH YOU SPECIFICALLY HOW TO CREATE THE SOUNDS YOU WANT!

"While all this information is obviously ideal for those fortunate enough to own this amazing instrument, this book was also designed to teach general synthesis to anyone using ANY synthesizer - ARP, Moog, Sequential Circuits, Oberheim, Roland, Korg or any other old ANALOG keyboard. In fact, with all the recent analog modelling machines out there - the Nord Lead, Novation Bass Station and Supernova, Korg Prophecy, Z1, JP-8000, etc, this manual is also invaluable to those who want to better understand their newer equipment as all this information is very applicable to those units as well."

I've reprinted this classic manual of analogue audio synthesis.  To receive your copy, send your order to me at/p>

Enclose a check or money order for US $45, and tell me where to send the manual.  I will acknowledge receipt by email, and will send your copy of the Arp 2600 Owner's Manual by return snail, first-class.  No additional postage or tax will be needed.

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